Terms and Conditions: Effective July 2021 in the state of NSW Australia.

These terms and conditions describe the agreement between Prime Handyman Solutions Pty Ltd (ACN 600932152) and the person or legal entity to whom this quotation is addressed (The Purchaser) herein referred to as “the Quotation”

Payment On Completion

1a Company’s payment terms apply upon completion of works. Any dispute or concern associated with the scope of works are to be delivered to the company in writing no later than 10 days after the completion of works, prior to any further works being taken.

1b  The purchaser agrees to pay the company’s costs and expenses incurred in pursuing any recovery action, or any other claim or remedy, against the purchaser, including any debt recovery fees and legal costs on an indemnity basis. Such costs and expenses will be due and payable by the purchaser to the company irrespective of whether pursuit of the recovery action, claim or remedy is successful.

1c The purchaser acknowledges and agrees that payments made by the Purchaser will be applied by the company as follows:

Firstly, payment of any and all collection costs and legal costs where applicable.

Secondly, payment of the outstanding invoice in full.


2a Property of the goods supplied shall remain vested with the company and shall not pass to the purchaser until all monies owing by the Purchaser have been paid in full to the company including legal demand and recovery costs.