Deck repairs/staining/oiling: Lower North Shore, Northern Beaches.

Do you live on the Lower North Shore or surrounding areas and have a deck that needs some work?

Whether it be broken deck boards, rotted bearers /joists or a simple clean, stain or sanding you have found the right place. I have fixed many  ground based and multi level decks in Pymble and Roseville on the Lower North Shore.  I’ve also repaired many decks in Manly and North Balgowlah at the Northern Beaches.


Decks form an integral part of your home and provide the key to successful outdoor living and entertainment. Like most timber structures, decks require regular maintenance and care to enhance their cosmetic appearance and extend their service life.

Unfortunately Sydney suburbs that have close proximity to the ocean have their own adverse weather conditions that can accelerate the wear and tear of your deck. This includes air borne salts, harsh sun and strong winds which dry out the protective stain of your deck. Without regular maintenance the decking timber will fade in colour, loose its smooth appearance and eventually split. Exposure to sun and the extent to which the deck is protected by balconies or eaves also impacts on your deck. “Two Tone” decks occur when parts of your deck have protection from the sun, whilst other areas, particularly the outside perimeter does not. This creates different colour tones and various wear for your deck, which can be a challenging  problem to fix.


This includes cleaning and staining.  More weathered decks may benefit from a high pressure cleaning to remove the top layer of faded stain and weathered timber.  Decks in poor condition or if a colour change is required will require sanding or chemical stripping of the deck surface.

Should I use a oil or water based decking stain? A subjective question  as both the applications have their various pro’s and con’s.

Water based stains have a faster drying time, quicker clean up using water rather than turps, contains less odour and have been claimed to retain their colour longer than their oil based counterparts.

Oil based stains provide the classic oil based look for your deck. The oil also penetrates deeper into the timber, enhancing the look of your wood grain. Whilst the oil based stain takes longer to dry, this type of stain can help provide a more even coat.  Finally some people argue that oil based stains provide greater resilience to harsh climatic conditions.

Inspection of your joists and bearers is an important part of deck maintenance as they both influence the structural integrity of your deck. A common problem is rotted joists/bearers. To help prevent wood rot, ensure your decking boards have sufficient space between them, allowing your deck to breathe and expel moist air. Other measures to repel moisture include providing layers of sand  at the base of your deck and around the concrete footings to facilitate drainage. The use of joist protectors that provide a barrier against rot and decay are also very helpful when constructing a deck.

Should you require assistance for your deck maintenance, please phone Justin on 1300 762 917 at Prime Handyman Solutions.





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