Fence/Gate Repairs Lower North Shore, Northern Beaches Sydney.

Fence/Gate Repairs Lower North Shore, Northern Beaches Sydney.

Do you live around the Sydney North Shore/ Northern Beaches and have a fence that needs repair?
Why replace a fence when it can be repaired?

Whether your fence has blown over, has gaps, or the gate is broken you have found the right place. I have repaired fences for a long time and in many different places ranging from broad acre farming and lifestyle properties to commercial and residential properties. Contact me today to discuss your fencing options!


Wobbly fences

Fence posts may become wobbly when faced with excessive water inundation causing rotting of the wood.This can compromise the structural integrity of your fence. Eventually the post will break causing the fence to lean or fall over.

Common culprits to this problem can include garden sprinklers that operate on automatic timers systems and regularly immerse parts of a fence in water, particularly in peak demand seasons such as summer. A quick fix to this problem is checking the operations of your sprinkler system and adjust to ensure water does not shower your fence.

Other causes are the top of concrete footings that have not been correctly tapered and attract water around the base of the post like a funnel. When constructing a fence  ensure the top of the concrete  footings have a shallow pyramid shape that helps repel water away from the base of the posts. Other causes are simply wear and tear over the years where the posts are exposed to harsh climatic conditions. The  bottom timber  rail known as the plinth and the upper rails should consist of H3 graded timber meaning suitable for above ground use. Conversely a H4 grade is designed for underground applications and designed to repel moisture driven rot.

Repairing broken or rotten posts require the removal of the old post by digging out the concrete footing and inserting a new post and footing. A faster approach can involved steel support braces that are driven into the existing footing to help support a new post.

For new fencing insist on quality box section galvanised steel posts with caps for your timber fence. They may involve a slightly higher upfront cost but the posts will not rot and will extend the life of your fence.

Missing palings.

Excessive wind, impact forces and common wear and tear can cause palings to detach from the fence impacting on your privacy and security. This can be repaired simply by noting the size of the palings, purchasing and nailing in new ones.

Faulty Gates

Unfortunately a lot of timber used for residential fencing is not a structural grade resulting in a greater tendency to warp and move over time. This can be easily fixed by providing support braces across the impacted area. Gates that have rotted over time can be repaired depending on the extent of the rot. The rotted area can be cut away and a new timber template screwed into the area. Counter sink the screws, fill with wood colour putty and painted over the repair to maintain your gate. Sometimes sticky latches require nothing more than an oil or graphite based lubricant to rectify.

Should you require any assistance with fencing or gate repairs phone Justin at Prime Handyman Solutions 1300 762 917.


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